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Hi guys,

Hope all is well in Ohio, and I'm sure you are very busy with sale stuff!!!

I bought the lot 20D heifer from you in the sale at Hearthstone in 2009. She was a Burn Baby-Dream On, March heifer calf (Her name is Dream Baby Dream).  I just wanted you guys to know that we love her and are extremely happy with her. We call her "OHIO."  We showed her a lot in the Northeast as a yearling and did really well with her. She had a BC Lookout heifer calf this past March. She had and excellent udder and was really easy to deal with.  I have attached a picture of the calf.  I have her entered in the NAILE Sale.  I'm hoping she sells well, brings what she is worth and pays for what it would cost me to replace her!!  It's pretty tough for a little guy in Maine though!!!  Haha.  She's really good and I just thought that you may be interesed in seeing her picture. We took the picture this past Sunday, and I just weaned her out of the pasture and tied her up for the first time the Thursday before!!! "PCSC OHIO BURNING ROSE" 

My girlfriend Jade and I are flying down to attend your "Game Day" sale this year and we are really looking forward to it.  I was just hoping that if we purchase something again this year, we could pick her up in Louisville, or at the farm on our way home. We are going to try to attend multiple sales while we are in Ohio as well.  It's just such a long drive down and back with the trailer when we both have to work the Friday before and the Tuesday after!! So it would help a lot to be able to pick her up afterward!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys, seeing your place, and, of course the sale!!  Also, thanks so much for the hams that you have sent us at Christmas time!  We never expected such great customer service!  You guys know how to "win over" your customers that's for sure!!

Thanks, Matt

Matt Thurston & Jade Gianforte
Pine Creek Show Cattle & Fitting Service
Rumford, Maine


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